Plainfield Community Tool Box

The following resources are available for use by the Plainfield community to help strengthen citizen's knowledge of the city, their neighborhoods and local government efforts. Bookmark these resources for quick viewing.


Searchable Historic District Map

Plainfield's first searchable map of all 10 Historic Districts and historic structures. Type in your address and the map pinpoints if the property is in a historic district or not.

Searchable 2017 Ward Map

A ward map reflecting local City Council election results for 2017. Shows all City Council members, the committees they belong to, their photos, term expiration date and contact information. Updated annually to reflect the most recent council results.

Plainfield Utility Box Art Installations

As a member of the Plainfield Mural Arts Committee, we want nothing more than for the community to be filled with art! The dull and ugly grey utility boxes will be a thing of the past as the city brightens up! Check out photos of each utility box, the name of the artist and the completion date.

Guide to Opening a Business Brochure

A handy brochure guide for starting a new business in Plainfield, including the Planning Board/Zoning Board process.


Mural Art Committee Booklet

The city's Mural Arts Committee needed a booklet to showcase possible locations for murals to graffiti artists. Now you can see a sneak peak of places the city is thinking of putting up cool new murals.

Signs Downtown Presentation

A slideshow as presented to the Plainfield Special Improvement District by the city in January 2017 addressing zoning complaints against enforcement of certain sign codes downtown. This slideshow shows the current facts on Plainfield's zoning code on signage and advocates for better signage and for compliance with the current zoning code ahead of pending code changes.

Emergency Food Providers Map (2015)

A map of Plainfield soup kitchens and food providers for all in need of a meal. Addresses, phone numbers and times are included. Please share with anyone or any agency that may benefit!

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Searchable 2017 Zoning Map

Plainfield's first searchable zoning map. Type in an address to see which zone a property is in and basic information about the zone, including permitted uses, minimum lot sizes and setbacks. Outlines of both transit villages are included.

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Van Wyck Brooks Walking Tour Map

I'm loving Google's MapMaker tools (as you can probably tell!) and you will too with this mobile-friendly VWB Historic District Walking Tour map, which will feature photos of each structure, background information on all homes located in the district and more. Other districts in Plainfield can also have similar capabilities in the future.


Downtown Walking Tour Map

Take this handy, mobile-friendly map with you next time you're downtown. This map will show the history of some of Downtown Plainfield's buildings, including department stores and historic preservation information.

Historic District Use Conversion Map

Neighborhood enforcement is the best enforcement and no one knows the neighborhood better than the neighbors. Many neighborhoods have homes that were converted to higher densities legally and illegally. This map will show what uses are supposed to be on each lot in the historic districts, when the use commenced, prior uses and any stipulations (if any) at the time of approval. This map may eventually replace the Searchable Historic District Map.