Concept Map: Use Map

What would the value be in creating a Google Map showing all the correct uses for properties in Plainfield and the permitted uses? I think if people knew what appropriate use is supposed to be in the homes in their neighborhoods and when houses were legally converted to a use then people can easily report illegal home conversions.

There is a common misconception that in the 1960s and after, tons of single family homes were cut up into multi-family homes is easily dispelled through city records that support the fact that most houses were changed into higher uses during the years surrounding The Great Depression and the late 1940s and 1950s when soldiers came home after WWII. Hopefully if I end up making this map it can send the rumor the way of the dodo.

I'd like to test it out on a historic district and spread from there to see how well it works out. It's time we think of new ways to enforce codes in our communities. While a map probably won't change the behaviors on the ground, it can help the city's Inspections Division identify and notify violators and provide citizens with the facts on their neighborhood in order to be more vigilant.